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SoKo is free for buyers and sellers. Advertise your local business or service, sell a used car, SUV, boat motorcycle or truck, post a want ad or find a good remodelling contractor.

Why not increase your online exposure with SoKo by using it along with your other ads likes Craigslist, Cincinnati Kijiji, backpage Cincinnati Enquirer Classifieds. Leave your ads up as long as you wish without the need to renew all the time. A form is used to contact sellers so your email address is not displayed unless you wish it to be.

Features like our automatic notification allow you to receive an email when an ad is posted with specific words or phrases like, "used bmw cars", "used textbooks" or "used mazda protege". A simple search makes it quick to find what you are looking for. Our 40 classifications allows a proper spot for almost anything making browsing by category also fast and easy. Used appliances, Cincinnati jobs, plumbers, pets, dentists, real estate, rentals, the list goes on and on!

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